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Once an automotive parts powerhouse, Dayton's economy is now aerospace, defense and healthcare.

The city's aerial roots, if there is such a thing, go back to Orville and Wilbur Wright, first known for their bicycle shop, forever known for flight. It's no surprise the Wright-Patterson Air Force Base is in Dayton, the site of the National Museum of the U.S. Air Force, the largest and oldest aviation museum in the world and home of the National Aviation Hall of Fame.

Dayton also is a healthcare hotbed ranked in the top five in the country. The Center for Tissue Regeneration and Engineering is based in Dayton, as is the National Center for Medical Readiness, complete with a crisis practice grounds.

Innovation is nothing new for Dayton, going back to prolific inventor Charles Kettering, whose work revolutionized commerce, thanks to his electric cash register that laid the foundation of today's international behemoth, NCR. Kettering also adapted diesel engines to power locomotives and invented the self starter in automobiles that enabled everyone, including women, to drive them. He applied magnetism to medical imaging and a nursing college is named after him. His legacy -- and wealth -- has seeded Dayton's progress ever since.

Dayton hasn't neglected the arts, either. For example, the Dayton Ballet is one of the oldest professional dance companies in the country and Dayton has a resident opera company.

Perhaps as a nod to the Wright Brothers Bicycle Shop, the city has a bike path network of more than 100 miles and bike lanes rule downtown. Dayton also has the only museum dedicated to the Packard Motorcar.

If all that knowledge is whetting your appetite, don't worry -- pizza rules in Dayton. Try Cassano's or Marion's Piazza. For other fare, the nearby Dublin Pub is a staple, as is Grub Steak Restaurant.

For golf, the city of Dayton dominates the public-course scene. Kittyhawk Golf Center is comprised of three 18-hole courses. Kittyhawk's Eagle course is 7,147 yards and navigates around 14 ponds. It's the "black diamond" run of the three. The Hawk is 6,766 yards and has "only" 12 ponds. The Kitty is an executive course with two par 4s and the rest lengthy par 3s. Dayton's Community Golf Center has two 18-hole courses and Madden Golf Center is much more than a "muni" that rises and falls over rolling hills and traverses a stream that cuts through the back nine.

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Course City Rates from
Course City Rates from
Windy Knoll Golf Club
Tee Times
Springfield $13
Jamaica Run Golf Club
Tee Times
Germantown $16
Majestic Springs Golf Course
Tee Times
Wilmington $12
The 797 Elks Golf Club
Tee Times
Wilmington $10
Reid Park Golf Club - North Course
Tee Times
Springfield $10
Reid Park Golf Club - South Course Springfield $12 - $32
Lakeland Golf Club
Tee Times
Saint Paris $10
Miami Shores Golf Club
Tee Times
Troy $11
Turtle Creek Golf Course
Tee Times
Greenville $10
PipeStone Golf Course
Tee Times
Miamisburg $34
Twin Run Municipal Golf Course Hamilton $17 - $33
Championship Course at The Golf Club at Yankee Trace
Tee Times
Centerville $23.5
White Springs Golf Course
Tee Times
Greenville $5
Indian Ridge Golf Club
Tee Times
Oxford $22
Vintage Course at The Golf Club at Yankee Trace
Tee Times
Centerville $23.5
Brown's Run Country Club Middletown $67
Beavercreek Golf Club Beavercreek $22 - $35
Franklin Golf Course
Tee Times
Franklin $5
Echo Hills Golf Course Piqua $20
Union City Country Club
Tee Times
Union City $12
Wildwood Golf Club Middletown $27
Hueston Woods Golf Course
Tee Times
Oxford $17
Green Tree Golf Club
Tee Times
Lebanon $11.75
Sugar Isle Golf Course
Tee Times
New Carlisle $12
Oxford Country Club Oxford $15 - $23
Sugar Valley Country Club Bellbrook $54 - $59
North at NCR Country Club Kettering $75 - $90
Elks 51 Golf Club Springfield $15 - $28
Warren County Armco Park Golf Course Lebanon $15.50
Springfield Country Club Springfield $70
National Golf Links South Charleston $17 - $28
Country Side Golf Club New Paris $13
ClearCreek Golf Course Franklin $19.25 - $30.75
Meadowbrook at Clayton Clayton $22
Woodlands/Lakeside at Shaker Run Golf Club
Tee Times
Lebanon $25.95
Urbana Country Club Urbana $60 - $75
Hills at Community Golf Course
Tee Times
Dayton $17
Lakeside/Meadows at Shaker Run Golf Club
Tee Times
Lebanon $25.95
Rocky Lakes Golf Course Springfield $30
Forest Hills Country Club
Tee Times
Middletown $10
Miami Valley Golf Club Dayton $30 - $50
Creekside/Lakeview at Beechwood Golf Course
Tee Times
Arcanum $13
Meadows/Woodlands at Shaker Run Golf Club
Tee Times
Lebanon $25.95
West at Prairie Trace Golf Club Wright Patterson Afb $15 - $27
Walnut Grove Country Club Dayton $59
Cassel Hills Golf Course Vandalia $20 - $22
Woodland Golf Club Cable $19 - $30
Jasper Hills Golf Club
Tee Times
Xenia $22
East at Prairie Trace Golf Club Wright Patterson Afb $15 - $27
Mitchell Hills Club Springfield $10
Stillwater Ridge Golf Club West Milton $11
Twin Base Golf Club Wright Patterson Afb $20 - $33
WGC Golf Course Xenia $16 - $41
Locust Course at Locust Hills Golf Club Springfield $15 - $17
Double Eagle Golf Center Waynesville $10
Moraine Country Club, The Dayton $95
South at NCR Country Club Kettering $90 - $105
Country Club Of The North Beavercreek $89
Homestead Golf Course Tipp City $22 - $27
Heatherwoode Golf Club
Tee Times
Springboro $30
Moss Creek Golf Club
Tee Times
Clayton $16
Sycamore Creek Country Club Springboro $50 - $65
Eaton Country Club Eaton $10 - $20
Lakeview/Woodland at Beechwood Golf Course
Tee Times
Arcanum $13
Piqua Country Club Piqua $50
Dayton Country Club Dayton $74
Woodland/Creekside at Beechwood Golf Course
Tee Times
Arcanum $13
Maple Course at Locust Hills Golf Club Springfield $15 - $17
Rollandia Golf Course Dayton $11.00 - $23.50
Dales at Community Golf Course
Tee Times
Dayton $16
Troy Country Club Troy $70 - $250
Mound Golf Course Miamisburg $12 - $20
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