Heritage Golf Club Leaves this Reader in Awe

By GolfPublisher Staff, Staff Report

Hilliard, Ohio - Never let it be said the Pete Dye likes to design a relaxing course. Heritage Lakes is like the beautiful Sirens of Greek Mythology; the beauty lures you in and then tests you to the limit for survival. With well over 25 acres of water coming into play on 13 holes, "Lakes" is an appropriate name.

RATING 74.2 72.8 70.6 68.3 71.3
SLOPE 139 136 128 124 122

This is a course where your current shot must be made as a setup of the one following.

Where a yard may bare a "Beware of Dog" sign, a "Beware of Rough" one should be hung on the clubhouse lawn. The rough is unyielding, thick, and long. I personally played one shot that missed the fairway by 3 feet, never to find the ball. Situated in the open west side of Columbus, the wind, when blowing, blows straight into the tees on a number of the holes.

The signature hole would have to be the 7th. A par four dog leg left of a whole 360 from the white tees. This may be the front side sleeper. Water all along the left on both the drive and approach shot is a constant challenge. A mediocre drive leaves you hitting over long water for the green. The course is beautiful, tough, and rewarding to play. This is truly a course that will stay in your memories.

GolfPublisher Staff, Staff Report

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