Hole Profile: No. 16 at Red Hawk a Big Challenge

By Ray Brewer, Contributor

FINDLAY, Ohio - If you are the type of golfer that likes to take the occasional risk on the course, then the Red Hawk Run Golf Course has the hole for you.

Hole No. 16 at Red Hawk Run follows a simple philosophy: to score well on the hole, you better be willing to gamble.

"The second shot is over a bunker and you can't see the green," the course's head professional Shannon O'Neil said. "It's your ideal risk-and-reward hole."

O'Neil, a head professional for over nine year who had briefs stints on the Space Coast Mini Tour and Tommy Armour Mini Tour, has some things to consider before deciding whether or not to take the risk.

Let's take a look at what the hole has to offer.

THE HOLE: No. 16 is par-4 that is 370-yards longs and very challenging.

"It's not real long, but it symbolizes a Arthur Hills design philosophy," O'Neil said. "This hole can really be fun for everyone and at the same time the biggest challenge on the course."

ARCHITECT: Arthur Hills

THE LAYOUT: There is a dogleg left that presents some trouble.

But the real trouble is generated by a bunker that runs from about 160-yards out all the way to the green and splits the fairway.

To make matters worse, this bunker is eight to nine feet deep. Also, the perimeter of the hole is guarded by grass that is 18-24 inches deep.

THE STRATEGY: This is when O'Neil's knowledge kicks in.

First the gamble.

"If can try to hit the ball over the bunker on your tee shot," O'Neil said. "You land that, then you have a fairly easy second shot."

Now the more logical approach - at least for the golfer with less confidence.

To avoid the bunker and all of the problems it creates, simply take to shots to clear the hazard.

THE AVERAGE GOLFER: The average golfer needs to remember their limitations.

Just because Tiger Woods can clear the bunker, it doesn't mean you can too.

"From the white tees, it is 200-yards to carry over the bunker," O'Neil said. "Most people are capable of pulling it off. The questions needs to be: Can you pull it off?"

Unfortunately for most of us, O'Neil warns that if you don't have the ability to clear the bunker on the first shot, then you will most likely feel the pain on the scorecard with a bogey.

"You don't want to get in that bunker," O'Neil said. "It's a giant."

Classification: public
Guest policy: open
Dress code: collared shirt, soft spikes
Tee times: can be made 30 days in advance
Earliest time to call: 7:30 a.m.

Ray Brewer, Contributor

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